In a short span of time, DATA PKT Aviation, a DIPP-recognized start-up, has risen to the top of the drone survey market in India. We employ cutting-edge high-end technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision, which aids in the creation of business insights and the subsequent making of crucial business decisions. Only the work ethic of our team, who are committed to constant innovation and going above and beyond for our clients, could have made this all possible.

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DATAPKT enables tracking and monitoring of a road network's condition throughout all phases of development, from construction to maintenance once it has been operationalized. Drones can be employed for corridor modelling, bridge inspection, pavement condition mapping, and road distress tracking in the roadways sector. Data collection via aerial surveying reduces total expenses by substantially minimising the number of site inspections needed to record highway conditions as well as challenges in real time with greater precision.

UAV technology has the ability to conduct real-time monitoring, video streaming, and drone-based surveillance of crucial railway assets. DATA PKT makes it simpler to survey areas that might be unsafe for human inspectors, such as near live electrical wires or tracks. Drones assist in the creation of 3D models of stations and landscapes for site visualisation, as well as contour maps for areas where new railway lines are proposed in order to create accurate plans.

The DATAPKT predictive algorithm offers a comprehensive visual site inspection of transmission lines, solar fields, wind farms, and hydropower projects. Drones equipped with high-resolution, infrared, thermal cameras have the potential to reduce transmission and distribution losses, lower maintenance costs, and detect anomalies in advance. Drone surveys can detect faults in power lines in real time, assisting with repairs and maintenance and drastically reducing power outages and costs.

DATA PKT drone observations lead to more effective mining operations by rendering assistance such as managing inventory, hotspot detection, and stockpile management. Drone aerial images can be used to generate digital terrain models, digital surface models, and 3D terrain models of mining sites. UAVs reduce delays and make it easier to detect the depth and elevation of mining blocks, making highly toxic, difficult-to-reach areas accessible. High-resolution images with data pkt drones make the inspection, mapping, and monitoring of harsh terrain possible.

Drones from DATAPKT can inspect, monitor, map, and deliver in-depth reports of oil and gas fields. Our drone pilots can conduct online external and internal visual inspections of refinery flare stacks. As a result of their ability to access far-flung or challenging locations, drones are used for remote surveillance during routine operations as well as in emergency situations. UAVs can be used to conduct rapid, frequent, and real-time aerial inspections to protect asset integrity by monitoring miles of pipelines for gas emissions or leaks.

UAV technology aids in the monitoring of rivers and the formation of precise and reliable landscape models for their preservation and restoration. Drones used for dam inspection, irrigation canal management, river route mapping, wetland conservation, as well as other purposes help to safeguard scarce water resources while also allowing for more efficient water use. The use of drones to detect potential risks towards the sustainability of freshwater resources is critical for taking timely action and securing future generations.

DATA PKT enables planners and developers obtain streamlined data from complex urban areas. UAVs equipped with 360-degree view 4k resolution cameras produce high-quality 3D aerial images and orthophoto maps, making project drafting and implementation quite cost-effective.
In order to examine the current social and ecological conditions of the site using drone technology, DATA PKT assists in producing high-quality and accurate detailed reports of environmentally hazardous areas.

DATA PKT drones can conduct real-time surveillance of protests and public unrest sites by keeping an eye on the ground situation to detect threats to public safety. UAVs assist in tracking and monitoring the movements of people by conducting aerial surveys in high-risk areas. Drones can fly in all weather conditions, assisting in the saving of lives during disasters and natural hazards such as floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes among others. Drones can assist with the delivery of crucial and essential articles in difficult terrain.

DATAPKT's services help to streamline manufacturing services by keeping a real-time record of on-site activities. By accelerating inspection and monitoring of large areas in a short amount of time, DATAPKT AI-powered solutions contribute to cost reduction, increased speed, and scalability of operations. Among other things, sophisticated drone technology assists the manufacturing industry in monitoring assets, increasing personnel safety, and speeding up inventory checks. Drones boost manufacturing units output and productivity while also improving their efficiency and security.

Tracking and mapping out the movements of wildlife, especially those of endangered species, using UAVs helps in-situ conservation. DATAPKT can monitor the wildlife ecosystems of critical animals without disrupting their native environment. UAVs aid in the accurate population counting of species and help with aerial imagery capture, both of which are important for the study of important wildlife. By keeping an eye on the forest's health, landscapes, and tree cover, drones also contribute to the sustainable conservation of biodiversity.

DATAPKT promotes and conserves the agricultural sector by offering precise and reliable field mapping and assisting farmers in identifying any irregularities in the field. Farmers can practise smart farming by using drones to monitor their crops. Using drones for comprehensive field surveys facilitates producers in addressing soil and crop health while improving crop production efficiency.
This aids in the optimization of production and the selection of suitable crops for the field conditions. Drones assist in cost reduction, improved time management, and better opportunities for farmers.

The sensors used in DATAPKT systems provide an in-depth evaluation of historical sites and aid in the documentation of significant archaeological monuments. Drones aid in the accurate mapping of protected sites, making features and structures easily identifiable. This helps archaeologists in their future research regarding the conservation and preservation of archaeological sites.

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DATAPKT team made it so simple. Whole experience was seamless.


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